Ever-increasing Risk Management demands and expectations are putting immense pressure on small businesses. 
Enter Risk.Report’s revolutionary 360insights.online

Developed in response to a need identified by Risk.Report to save small businesses time, money and stress; the Profiler delivers so much more than traditional risk management services.

Business Resources

Alcohol and business – The story of a modern canary

Alcohol and business – The story of a modern canary

(6 min read) Increasingly, people are refraining from drinking alcohol regularly or in excess. As a response, I would like businesses to rethink what type of drinks they purchase for rewards, functions, and celebrations. I am not saying remove alcohol from your shopping list completely. […]

Time to Talk Trauma

Time to Talk Trauma

There is good science to show trauma changes the brain’s neuropathways. These changes can be of immense benefit to small business if managed well, with dignity and the right resources. This is a tricky subject and rarely discussed outside of very personal conversations. My informal […]

The Full Cost of Small Business

The Full Cost of Small Business

It isn’t the cost of staff that cripples small business, it is that the full cost of staffing isn’t factored into the prices charged for products / services. This is true of other costs as well. This is a very bold statement that I have […]

Risk.Report Success Stories

Carly Medley​ Business Owner

Carly decided small business wasn’t for her and with the help of analysis conducted by Leanne she went on to do an MBA with Distinction and Master of Literature, where she found her home. She received a letter from the Head of School for her outstanding achievements and is now focusing on a career as an author.

“Thanks to Leanne for helping me see a world of opportunities that I never imagined . . . her guidance and support has allowed me to tackle many challenges, even failing, but the other side of failure is opportunity, and I have grown in courage and learned from my mistakes and triumphed.”

Laura Dols Business Owner

As owner of The Hopeless Romantics, Leanne dealt with London, Paris and Amsterdam antique traders and the European export and Australian import industries. In the filming of ‘If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy’ a short film by Mea Dols de Jong about the iconic Laura Dols of Amsterdam, Laura attributed her international success in antique bridal to Leanne.

“I mention you often when people ask me how I got the idea of setting up The Wedding Atelier. You inspired me to set up a new store . . . and we are fully booked.”

Prof John Stephens Emeritus Professor, School of Design and Built Environment, Curtin University

Having a World Heritage listing under her belt, Leanne continues to show how versatile and adaptable she is to any challenge put to her. On the back of her 7 volume work she was invited to present at an international conference and also to contribute a chapter of a book. The project scope included “… documentation and analysis of the historic infrastructure of the Goldfields Pipeline, a 550 Km pipeline from Perth to Kalgoorlie… Leanne conducted this very large undertaking in an exemplary and professional manner producing the required research reports... Her research was used in the successful application of the Goldfields Pipeline for inclusion on the World Heritage list.”