ASIC changes and other Insights for SME Company Directors Workshop

The new ASIC regulations affect all Directors personally, and all SME Companies.

Board Governance, Compliance, and Best Practise are also becoming increasingly important in gaining a competitive edge. 

Risk.Report’s Foundation Workshop, designed for SME and start-up Companies, is offered at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional training. This revolutionary delivery effectively changes the game for SME risk management. 

Directorship is a complex and often confusing space for many SME Company owners, and their Boards and Directors. ASIC requirements, Governance, Compliance, and Best Practise can feel foreign and challenging.  

Traditional, formal training ($7,000+) requires months of tuition and assessments – out of the reach of many SMEs. 

The Risk.Report, ASIC changes and other Insights Workshop is designed to assist SME Company owners, and their Boards and Directors (including sole Directors) to gain an understanding of what is required of them. 


Main topics covered:

Director of Small Company Boards introduction and overview:

  • ASIC requirements
  • Governance and Compliance responsibilities
  • Best practise Insights

Who it’s for:

  • Owners, Board Directors, and Chairpersons of Small Companies (established or Start-up).
  • Those thinking of joining a Small Company Board; this course provides an overview of what is required.
  • Anyone considering setting up a Small Company. 
  • Small Businesses and Start-ups that intend to move into a Company Business model.
  • Risk.Report welcomes everyone wanting to further their business knowledge.

About Risk.Report

As Small Company, Small Business, and Start-up Specialists; Risk.Report’s sole focus is to deliver products that are specifically designed to be value-adding, at corporate level, relevant, time effective and user-friendly. 

Leanne (Director Innovation) has a career spanning 25+ years in risk management, with experience including corporate, government, and G8 universities; she is known for her creative solutions to complex business challenges. 

Time commitment

4 hours – includes:

  • Director and Board Responsibilities, Governance, and Best Practice workshop
  • Concludes with Risk.Report’s unique 360 Insights Survey to indicate Director and Board business literacy
  • 30 minute one-on-one with Risk.Report’s Director Innovation (expires 3 months after workshop)

When and where

Available face-to-face at Risk.Report office (or as arranged)    

Risk.Repor – The Vault, Riff – 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000